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lush_dork's Journal

We're LUSH Dorks!
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A place to discuss, review, and recomend products from LUSH cosmetics.
Welcome to Lush Dork! A community where us addicts can chat about our favorite bath shop, LUSH! We all have come to love our LUSH products and here you can do the following:

Post reviews
Ask for recomendations
Share "cocktail" recipies
Give information about sales
Store visits
Plot store runs and Lush parties
Talk about your favorite products
Show pictures of your "LUSH Pron" (ie pics of your purchases)

And much more!
If you're a LUSH-ie, this is the place for you. Come join us!

And now, the serious part.
Please keep the following rules in mind before joining.

-No porn or adult content. "LUSH Porn" (which should be pictures of your products or you or others FULLY DRESSED with your products in a non sexual manner) is allowed.
-No flame wars. If you disagree with someone that something sucks, politely debate. Anything that resorts to name calling will be deleted and the parties involved will first be warned. Second offense will result in temporary suspension. Third offense will be a ban from the community. If harassment begins please alert the mods.
-Trolls and spammers will not be tolerated and banned immediately.
-Stay On Topic. Keep your discussions to LUSH only in here. If you have another company to recommend do so only once.

Thanks for reading and Have Fun!