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Sticky Post: Welcome to LUSH Dork!

Welcome to Lush Dork! A community where us addicts can chat about our favorite bath shop, LUSH!

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New LUSH fan

So, I don't have a picture of my lush pron, but I am a new fan.  I have fallen in love with the Aromarant deodorant, and I'm coloring my hair tonight with CaCa Rouge.  I also have the Reincarnate shampoo bar for afters.  I was hoping for some advice.  I have sensitive skin that tends toward the oily and oily hair/itchy scalp.  I know the Reincarnate bar is supposed to be good for extending the henna dye, but i was hoping that someone might have some suggestions for future purchases.

Thanks in advance.
I came home for a long day at work to something fantastic on my stoop!

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Chat party yesterday

Unfortunately I didnt stay long to chat, but I did get pickup some goodies

My haul:

2 Hot Toddys
1 Randy Buttercream
1 Schnuggle
2 Snowdrops
1 Snowcake Shower Gel


Special Chat today

From 2pm to 9pm PST LUSH is hosting a chat party with limited edition goodies you can buy, like SNOWCAKE shower gel!!

Go get 'em ladies!



Cider Bath!

I am feeling a touch under the weather so I drew up a nice LUSH bath tonight.

1 Phoenix bubble bar
2 Christmas party ballistics
1 helping of Strawberry Santa.

Yeah I kinda went overboard on the ballistics. But I have a ton of them currently and I want to use up my old ones before they go stale.
Overall? VERY nice. I had a bath akin to an orange cider. very cinnamon and citrus! It made me feel tons better too.
The strawberry Santa topped it off. I'm noy a big fan of the jellies or of strawberry scents but there's just something I love about Strawberry Santa. It also sticks to my skin so I currently smell all fruit and floral-y.

Whats in the BAWKS?

I had some mail order credits to spend so I ordered a few Retro things, some new things, and a limited edition things. Wanna see?!?


October Lush Haul

I haven't been to Lush in a really long time. My last shopping trip was like the first of July?! I guess this is good as it means their products last forever. Lol. Anyway, here's what I got yesterday.

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Luxury Bath Melts

So I got my new LUSH times the other day and found there are some new items coming soon to us: Luxury bath melts!

Happy Blooming
Sometimes, when our Japanese colleagues translate directly into English, they come up with an excellent product name. Happy Blooming is all about cherry blossom time, so helen made this with cherries specially for them. Simon Constantine, our joint head perfumer, created a lovely new fruity scent for it made with sweet benzoin and soothing ylang blossoms. There's a mass of calming calamine powder too! All in all, this is a beautifully pink and pleasant bath. Step out, and you'll feel smooth, softy and sleek. Another bonus it's a triple treat for three baths.

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Holiday Items are up!

Check out all the new and returning holiday goodies here